How to Get Started With Content Marketing

You’ve done your research and you understand what content marketing is and why it’s important for your retail business. You’re ready and raring to get started….but how? This is usually where the motivation dies

A Crash Course in Retail Content Marketing

Here's your crash course in retail content marketing

Content Marketing in 2019: Trends and Tips for Time-Short Retailers

It can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of all the latest content marketing trends when you’re busy juggling every responsibility that comes with working in the retail sphere. If you haven’t already

Content Marketing: It’s Not Just A Internet Thing

  Think content marketing is just a hip new fad designed by a hipster marketer, sipping at his latte while eating his overpriced breakfast? Well, I hate to say it, but you’re wrong. Content

Our Guide To Social Content Marketing in 2019

If you’re asking questions like, “What works best for video? Facebook or YouTube? Then keep reading. This blog is for you. Understanding content marketing continues to be something that baffles marketers. In a recent

How To Supercharge Your Marketing using Dynamic Content

‘Dynamic Content’ – sounds pretty bad-ass, hey? Well, that’s because it is. It’s the bees’ knees of the content marketing world and it’s here to change things up (literally). In this blog you will

Why Marketing Analytics Matter Now More Than Ever

In 2020 marketers are expected to spend over 11% of their total budget on analytics. Here are 3 High-Impact Uses for Marketing Analytics !

The Future of Marketing—Jenn Donovan Podcast Interview

Recently our Managing Director, Alita Harvey-Rodriguez, sat down with the phenomenal Jenn Donovan from the Small Business Made Simple Podcast to chat all things marketing, customer experience and the future of sustainable business. Jenn’s

Tech-Giants in Trouble, Retail Sales Slump and the Death of Remarketing: Our August Round-Up

The digital world stops for no one 🌏 Somedays it feels like I blink and suddenly everything has changed. There’s been a major product launch, a household name has gone bust, or there’s been