Top 6 Crucial Email Marketing Metrics and How to Track Them

When it comes to email marketing there’s an endless list of metrics you could track. Unfortunately, we are not gifted with endless hours in a day, and if we were who would want to

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In today’s post, I want to go into more detail about the most profitable channel for marketing automation—email! Time and time again when I talk about email marketing automation, I get this comment: “I

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Some cool shiz has happened in Email Marketing over the past 12 months. First of all, businesses are finally starting to understand the importance of mobile optimisation as a core part of their strategy.

Pro Blogger 2015 – Email Marketing Is Non Negotiable

Last weekend. the Gold Coast was buzzing with the Australian Blogger community. I’ve never been to a conference quite like it! Everyone was so excited, bursting with passion and desire to gain new knowledge

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The reason why most marketers use email communication is no secret. On average consumers spend 138% more than consumers who don’t receive email communications. Something every retailer knows if they want to get some

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In this weeks, weekly MI Academy call… I talked about our 8 fundamentals to Successful Email Marketing. As a treat, I’m sharing that with everyone who read’s our blog. Of course, all group Academy

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When you think about ‘Power Couples’, Angelina and Brad Pitt, Kim and Kanye or even, Mac and Cheese, are often the first ones to come to mind. So I’d like to introduce a power couple you